Data Format - Vehicle


On the previous pages, you saw the basic structure of a message and all external attributes we might send you. In the following example we expanded all keys in the vehicle object. In general a vehicle is any entity which can move in between locations. It can be for instance a truck, a trailer, an airplane, a drone, or even something which has not been invented yet.

The vehicle object is optional; if present it contains data of the currently linked vehicle to the planning. At the moment of sending the data, this is the vehicle we have monitored for the realization data. In the table underneath we give a short description of every key.

  "id": "66b99f4c-b9d3-5af7-b2ca-9baa98fd50fc",
  "name": "DCT|2020|43-4-109",
  "externalAttributes": {},
  "vehicle": {
    "entity": {
      "id": "8e410040-1b36-4179-a216-63fcd2e9c39e",
      "externalAttributes": {
        "deviceName": "TEST01",
        "customerDeviceIdentifier": "TEST01",
        "licensePlate": "47-ABC-3",
        "externalSystemIdentifier": "transpy-118007-55",
        "externalDeviceIdentifier": "TEST01"
      "vehicleType": "Tractor",
      "fuel": "EURO_5_DIESEL",
      "actors": [
          "entity": {
            "id": "f7be99bf-e7a3-3651-9e71-0d95f9138044",
            "name": "Walter Ulanski"
          "associationType": "inline"
    "associationType": "inline"
  "actors": [],
  "actions": []

See the basics for an explanation


Container object