At Simacan, we believe that the future of transport is based on real-time data exchange. Efficient planning and execution should result in fewer trucks and trips, less pollution, better driver safety and happier employees and customers.
One of the real time data streams we consume, are carrier data streams. The current document describes the interface to Simacan’s platform; well known as Simacan’s Control Tower. If you follow our guidelines, you will make sure that your data is displayed the way it is intended throughout our platform.

Getting Started

To be able to push any data to our platform you need to have a username and password combination. In case you don’t have these yet, get in touch with our support team at; with the credentials supplied you can communicate to our Auth API to request your access tokens.

Later on we will take a deep dive into two API’s we offer: the SCT Tracking Data API, the OTM5 Realisation API, and the Tracking Device API The Tracking Data API will handle the GPS updates from your devices and the Tracking Device API will register all your tracking devices itself on our platform. As you can see, we often use the term "tracking device"; this usually means a vehicle, but we refer to it by the tracking device inside the vehicle.

Keep in mind as you develop, that we always have to know the existence of your tracking device first, before you can feed its GPS data on our platform. So let’s get started with the Tracking Device API first.