ETA Push


Simacan's Control Tower can push its known estimated arrival times (ETAs) for all active trips and stops and all ETA updates via HTTP POST method to your platform's HTTPS endpoint. We call this the ETA push service. Using this service you can process our data into your own, or partner platform. Updates are real-time. Any GPS location update on a trip triggers a recalculation of the trip-routes and, as a result, updated ETAs for all next stops. Once you've set up this push service, no further manual action required.

What we need from you

First of all you need to set up an endpoint where we can POST our data to. To be safe, please secure your endpoint with basic access authentication. Next deliver us, the following details:

  • HTTPS URL of your endpoint

    • We only support TLS 1.2 for now
  • Username & password for your endpoint

    • Any form of two HTTP headers, like Basic Auth
    • At least we expect a 200 response
  • HTTP Method

    • Preferably POST

What we will deliver to you

Once we received the correct details of your endpoint, we can start sending you our ETA data. Our data will be in JSON hierarchical structure. We will use the OTM5 standard. As some field can be optional, what you receive can be different per trip. An individual message will always contain a single trip